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Birthday Cookies

Birthday Cookies


The pawfect birthday cookies!

At the moment we have the following dog cookies available:



*Golden Doodle



Set comes with 1 dog cookie of choice, 2 Happy Birthday Stamp cookies, 2 Bone shapped cookies (name or HBD), 2 Paw shapped cookies (name of HBD), 1 Paw print cookie,


**Sorry, if your pup's face is not available, but you can order set without dog cookie.


Pumpkin Cookies will be best option for design and name to be visible. Image is pumpkin cookies


Board is not included

Reach out for any questions.

  • Care

    Cookies are all fresh ingredients. There are no preservatives in the cookies.

    For best results, keep cookies in an air tight container. Keep them in a dark, cool area. No direct sunlight.

    Highly suggest glas jar.

    Cookies can also be kept in the refregerator for 30days.

    Cookies can also be frozen for up to six months.


    Organic Homemade Dog cookies made with real ingredients.



    Pumpkin puree, organic egg yolk, PB, GF Flour

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